Broaching a Blind Hole Keyway in 304 Stainless

Broaching a Blind Hole Keyway in 304 Stainless

Derby Machine Shop in Kansas describes their success broaching a blind hole keyway in 304 Stainless with CNC Broach Tools in the video below. Lathe broaching blind keyways is preferable to mill broaching them as gravity is your friend helping the chip you’re pushing in front of you drop out of the relief space. Large cross hole relief is recommended when M<ill Broaching blind keyways. Derby Machine found the sweet spot for cutting 304 stainless keyways was .0008″ depth of cut per pass at 200 inches per minute. This gave them a minute and half cycle time per part with an astounding one hundred keyways per cutting edge in insert life. Our keyway broach inserts have two cutting edges per insert! Pretty impressive insert life in nasty material. Again this is a client testimonial, a third party describing their experience with CNC Broach Tools.

Modern Machine Shop magazine wrote an article about lathe broaching:


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