CNC Broach Trouble Shooting

Keys To Using CNC Broach Tools

Setting up a broach tool to cut in a lathe: Mounting the tool: We recommend mounting the tool in a boring bar sleeve. Split sleeves have the most accurate and solid connection when clamping on the shank of our tool. This is because they contact a full 360 degrees around the shank. We recommend using […]

Finding Centerline for CNC Broaching Tool System

Correct Centerline Prevents Crashes During the Broaching Process The downloadable broach tool prints here:  Broach Tool Centerline For Programming   are for all eleven standard keyway slotting tool sizes and have the dimension from the centerline of our broach tool to the top of the keyway broach insert. If you do not take the time […]

The Forgotten Keyway Broach Dimension

Understanding the Depth Radial Keyway Dimension The Forgotten Keyway Broach Dimension: A keyway, internal or external, has three dimensions. However, when going over applications with clients for Internal Keyways CNC Broach Tools needs clients to provide us with four dimensions. Not the drawing, just four dimensions. They are: 1) The Width of the keyway and […]

Keyway Slotting Tool Broach Length

Keyway Slotting Tool Broach Length Frequently CNC Broach gets asked for a longer internal keyway length to broach than our standard slotting tool can reach. One-off special broach toolbars take much more time and money as opposed to modifying our off-the-shelf standard CNC Slotting Tool. Here are three solutions that have been tried and proven […]

Broach Tooling lathe and mill workpiece advice

Broach Tooling lathe and mill workpiece advice CNC Broach Tools recently had a client call us for advice about a internal keyway he was cutting on his mill. He had been using our keyway cutter for a couple of days straight and everything was working great but then without changing anything suddenly he started hearing […]

Holding your CNC Keyway Broach Tool

Holding your CNC Keyway Broach Tool The number one rule for holding our keyway broach tool is to never, ever modify our factory rear shank. It has a flat on center-line of the insert. If the set screws for your boring bar sleeve do not line up at 12 o’clock, then get a different holder. […]

Tips for broaching internal keyways

Tips for broaching internal keyways on CNC mills and lathes CNC Broaching info: Use water soluble coolant if you can.  For Stainless make sure to thicken your oil to 10%. Start cut with insert and tool face minimum 1.00” away from part being machined to allow space to accelerate to full cutting speed. . How […]

Broach tool on Lathe helps operator

Broach tool on Lathe helps operator discover turret and headstock is out Here are two examples where our tooling actually helped an operator discover how their machine was out: “The nice thing is I actually found a machine issue because of this tool. Discovered the turret was off in rotation by 0.075″, never ran a […]

Secrets of Keyway Broaching on a CNC Mill

We’ve written about broaching tools in CNC’s before.  It’s a common operation and one that can certainly be automated via CNC. I’m thinking of adding feeds and speeds for this kind of tooling to G-Wizard Calculator and perhaps a Conversational Wizard to generate the g-code to G-Wizard Editor.