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Before contacting us, please check your

  • Bore Size
  • Length of Cut
  • Key Width Tolerance
  • Depth of Groove Radially

against the Keyway Broach Tool Sizes page.

  • To provide you with the best possible service please enter the part number you are interested in or other details about your request.

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If you are cutting a blind keyway you must have an appropriate groove or cross-hole relief! (call to discuss what is appropriate)

Please remember that our inserts have Two, Re-grindable, TiN-coated  carbide cutting edges per insert

 It is current company policy that new customers pay their first order with V/MC/AmEx. NET 30 credit terms can be established for future orders. An extensive credit check will be run. It takes 2-3 business days to complete this process. California businesses are subject to CA Sales Tax. All Sales are Final


WHEN CALLING, if you get our voicemail, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE.

We pride ourselves on taking the time needed with each client.

Unfortunately, this occasionally clogs our phone lines.



– To protect our brand it is CNC Broach Tool Company policy to sell Direct to end-user/manufacturers only.
– Distributors would make our product more expensive by marking it up. – By eliminating distributors we are able to provide technical support and pass on savings to the end-user.

NOTE: If you are a large company and forced to use an integrator we will sell through them for you. But: The client must call us first and discuss speeds/feeds and set-up info. The client must then recommend the distributor. The client will be advised of the cost of the tooling if bought Direct and that we will not give the distributor a discount.

This transparency on pricing allows the engineer to calculate the true value of our tooling and have access to our tech support before they run our tooling the first time.

More about the CNC Broach Tool Distributor Policy

CNC Broach Tool Client Testimonial

Tusk Manufacturing Inc. Client Testimonial Hello John, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed using your broaching tool for the first time this past week! The job was an aluminum casting that required a keyway width of .126+-.001 and a radial depth of .075 for a length of 1.500 machined on […]

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Mazak Mill Broaching Programming Template

Mazak Mill Broaching Programming Template CNC Broach Tools offers free broaching program templates for Mazak Mill. If you want to broach your keyways or splines CNC Broach Tools can help! Click to download PDF >> CNC keyway broaching MAZAK Please do not ask CNC Broach to program your machine for the keyway slotting application. We can […]

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"We recently ran up against a tough lot of Monel sockets requiring slotting six places through a helix. The material was far harder than usual, and our usual rotary broach couldn't handle it. Because the run was short, we couldn't spend a lot on tooling. The CNC Broach Tool Company tool cut the nasty stuff beautifully, even through the interrupts, and got the job done with less burring and deformation. Even managed to salvage the part that the old broach broke down on. Good job! Thanks for the help."

Karl Mech Hydrasearch Co, Stevensville, MD

"We currently implemented a broach tool from CNC Broach Tool Company, it was a broach application that was not a through hole which required us to look into farming out this application. With implementing the CNC Broach Tool Company tool we were able to not only keep this operation in house, we were able to combine it to the lathe operation and also because of that we were able to add the drill and tap cross holes to make it complete in one operation which is always a cost savings if you don't have to handle the parts more than once. Centerline held real well because the bore and the broached keyway were done in the same operation."

Monty Twingstrom CNC Manager, K-Manufacturing, Inc., Osseo, MN

CNC mill broaching and cnc lathe broaching allows yet another operation to be completed on your machining center rather than moving parts to a separate key-seater, EDM or broaching machine, vending out the operation to an expensive broaching house, or using valuable shop time making your own tools.

Keyway broaching is one of the most shocking operations in machining and this has prevented previous inserted broach tool designs from standing up to the forces required to broach internal keyways. With clients around the world, our broach tool design is proven to stand up to long production runs in any material the machining world uses. Using CNC Broach Tool keyway cutters clients broach in titanium, 8620, inconel, 4140, 304 stainless, monel etc…read some of the client testimonials throughout the website.

We offer an off-the-shelf solution for the CNC broaching of blind or through internal keyways. Some of the many benefits of broaching on your machining center include finishing a part complete in one location which enables you to ship parts complete when they come off of your lathe or mill. Additionally the cost savings calculated when using CNC Broach Tools must include negating the shop time needed to transport parts to a separate machine and set them up on center before broaching the “old school way”. Blind keyways have long been a problem usually involving an expensive, time consuming, die sink operation but as long as you have a relief groove or cross hole, blind keyways can be broached in a cnc mill or lathe with CNC Broach Tools.