Secrets of Keyway Broaching on a CNC Mill

Secrets of Broaching on a CNC Mill

Bob Warfield over at CNC Cookbook runs a great blog on all things related to CNC Machining and programming. When Bob posted about our keyway broaches being used on a clients Haas mill. A lot of comments came from people “stuck in their ways” about the potential damage to the mill. People who have never done the mill broaching process but had a strong uninformed opinion.

The great thing is if you continue to scroll down through the blog post many of the CNC Broach Tool and Razorform Tools clients jump to the defense. I’ve always felt we have a strong following for our broach tooling but seeing the clients rally behind our product make us feel great!

More and more machine manufacturers are giving the OK for the broach process. At .001″ depth of cut there is no force! You are not hurting your machine! We have thousands of clients doing this. If they were damaging their expensive machines would they be using our product? The “old school” way of thinking about broaching as gouging out large chunks of metal needs to shift to a light shaving action at high speed. It’s a new approach. Watch the video link:
if you want to see a large successful valve company, Ruland Manufacturing broaching a blind internal keyway on 1215 steel taking .0023″ depth of cut per pass at 550 inches per minute. They have Haas mills dedicated for this.

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Mill Broaching Blind Keyway

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